Friday, March 2, 2012

It's a Lock

Back in December a customer asked why there was no lock icon on my checkout page. Huh? The page is secured under an “https” URL and my SSL certificate is up to date, and yet there it was: An open lock icon. I made a note to ask my developer the next time I needed to hire him for other work.

This week I was checking out an unrelated Internet Explorer bug report. I was aghast when my checkout page popped up a security warning. When I told it to load only the secure content, my Facebook “Like” button disappeared.


A few versions back, Turnkey implemented a Facebook plugin for Sunshop, but I could never figure out how it was supposed to work and I didn’t need it anyway since I had implemented some FB code on my own. Now it looked like I’d have to remove my custom code and either use their plugin or drop the “Like” button entirely. This would be much more daunting than it ought to be. When I finally remembered where I had inserted that code ages ago, I noticed that it linked to a plain old non-secure “http” URL.

Just for kicks, I changed the “http” to “https”. Lo and behold, it worked! The error message is gone, the lock icon looks locked, and the Like button seems to work.

I really ought to be paying myself more.

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