Friday, April 13, 2012

We Have a Pulse

I decided to pay myself on Monday after all. If Curio City gets to where it can’t even afford my dinky little paychecks, what’s the use of going on? I grossed all of $175 for two weeks. There are people who make that much in a day. Hell, Mitt Romney makes $175 in two minutes and he’s unemployed.

Business clawed its way back to the low side of normal this week, so maybe the three-week slump really was just Easter-related. Cash flow is still in intensive care but its condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. The Amex bill is paid with $218 to spare, and the two weeks remaining should be just enough time to raise another $902 for Mastercard (although it will be touch and go at the current rate of sales). I’m even fantasizing about bringing in a couple of new products next month.


I turned 55 years old today. I earn less money than I did when I was 25, but I’m just 10 years away from Medicare and 11.25 years from Social Security (assuming we can keep the Republicans at bay). Because benefits are based on my best working years, my Social Security checks will dwarf my Curio City paychecks. It’s easy to forget that I used to make more than four times what I earn now in salary alone, never mind benefits.

Ten years goes by in no time at all. That's how long I've got to make this company big enough to sell.

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